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Qigong Journal

For a long time I have wanted a space were you would be able to access a wealth of information on Qigong. My vision has been to foster an environment were itdoesn’t mater if your a beginner or advanced practitioner you will find relevant content involving the mysteries and principles of qigong.

The Qigong Journal is about the community it services. There will be posts/articles from myself to get the journal “kick started” but one of the major goals of the journal is to publish quality articles from it’s readers. The journal wants content from all people of all skill levels in qigong. It’s not just about teachers or “masters” spewing information out about their style’s or schools. It is about the readers experience of the content and how it can benefit their own practice and life.

The Qigong Journal is not affiliated with any school or style of qigong. The journal was not created to endorse any thing except qigong itself.
We all have our particular practice routines, forms or even formless forms for that matter that we feel a connection to. That is what makes them our own and that connection or love for our particular style is what keeps us practicing day in and day out through the wonderful experiences and the challenging ones. What I would (and I hope you would) like from the Qigong Journal is an experience of our practice/style. How our practice helped heal us to how it’s helped awaken us to ourselves and everything in between. What is needed is a healthy discussion on principles and tactics for practice so anyone who is reading regardless of style can take away useful “nuggets” of truth that will help them deepen their own qigong. What also is needed is inspirational stories and experieces of qigong that allow the reader to gain insight into what has helped others break through “slumps” and “boost” their qigong practices. And of course what is needed is some humor related to qigong and a qigong lifestyle. If we can’t laugh at ourselves or life sometimes, we won’t be able to handle those moments when everything seems to be out of phase in and around us.

My sincere hope it that the Qigong Journal helps you find more depth in your practice and life. Is that going to be easy? I really don’t know, maybe. We all have so much information at our disposal now a days that my fear is the journal is just going to be another noise in an already crowed and noisy life. However if the Qigong Journal is able to give you more understanding and meaning to your practice it could be more of an oasis for you. A place that you can come to again and again. A place that you can receive knowledge to help better navigate the intricacy’s and mysteries of qigong. A place where you can  better navigate the intricacy’s and mysteries of yourself. If you are ready for a place like this please don’t hesitate to contribute and subscribe to the Qigong Journal.