10 Day Zhan Zhuang Training Course…Day 1

Over the next 10 days I will be posting a Zhan Zhuang training course that if freely available on Youtube. Yes I did say free…this is one of the beauties of the internet. All this information freely available allows us to openly investigate our passions without any hindrances except for maybe our own resistance

This series is taught by Lam Kam Chuen who is the author of some books on Zhan Zhuang…his most famous likely being the Way Of Energy which I HIGHLY recommend as a complete qigong workout.  Also this video series follows along with the book so if you like to have written explanations of all of the videos the book would be an excellent companion.


What you will learn in this first video is an explanation of Zhan Zhuang, warm ups, principles of  posture, and cool down exercises.

Here is the excerpt from the video:

“A step-by-step method of exercising by standing still, in poses which burn fat and tone muscles without strenuous exercise.

• Each position is a progression from the last, so work up to about 20 minutes in each posture before moving onto the next.

• Make sure to warm up before, and relax after, each exercise.

• When your stamina has improved, try standing for 5 minutes each in all 5 positions. It’s hard work, so please be patient and do stop if you feel faint or too hot! ”



  1. Tjielie says:


  2. Hi!
    I don’t get how to combine the exercises, as you go on. Do you do all warm ups you’ve learnt so far before each exercise?

  3. Hi Jakob!

    You would want to combine Day 1 and Day 2 warm ups…then on Day 3 you start the classical Qigong set called Baduanjin so from Day 3 on I would only do the Baduanjin exercises going forward, so you would add each one on to the next going forward each day so when you end on Day 10 you are doing 8 different Baduanjin exercises in a row. When it comes to the standing…in the beginning I would just do the posture being taught that day until you reach Day 10 then you can start to do each standing posture one after the other in a “complete Zhan Zhuang set”. Hope I answered your questions if you have any others…I’m here to help.

  4. So if you’re building up to 20 minutes for each posture, then you’re (most likely) not actually taking 10 days to do all the videos, right? Also, can you explain whether you should be tucking in your tailbone to straighten your spine? Thanks

  5. Hi Andy!
    The 10 days just gives you some structure to keep the practice going. Add as much or little time as your body can process. You don’t want to burn yourself out. Also I have noticed with myself and students that the amount of time standing becomes the focus and it sort of takes over your practice. I suggest focusing on your body alignments, breath, or relaxing and just set a timer for 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes etc . I have had students add one extra minute a week until they build up to 20 + minutes. Tucking the tailbone is a slight movement. Try not to “over’ tuck which will cause unwanted tension…just slightly roll the hips forward. Hope this helps…let me know if you have any other questions..


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