Zhan Zhuang Training Course…Day 9

Here we go…Day 9. Today we will learn the another Baduanjin posture and also the last standing posture of this particular set.

Baduanjin posture 7 is called the “clench your fist glare fiercely” . This movement is said to increase your flow of energy through out the body. By increasing the energy through out your system you then dissolve blockages that would otherwise prevent you from progressing in Zhan Zhuang.

The Zhan Zhuang posture today is the last one in this set. It is called “holding the belly or tan tien” . This posture is a great resting posture after the last two more difficult ones. This posture feels good…it is one of those postures that you can really sink into.

Don’t forget to do your cool down today!

Here are some tips from the video:

• Each position is a progression from the last, so work up to about 20 minutes in each posture before moving onto the next.

• Make sure to warm up before, and relax after, each exercise.

• When your stamina has improved, try standing for 5 minutes each in all 5 positions. It’s hard work, so please be patient and do stop if you feel faint or too hot!


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